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Each photograph completes a tale, a story  and a unique identity that will forever remain in your memory.

The Bozzini Romeiro Studio has over twenty years of experience in photography of architecture, interior design and landscapes with emphasis in residential spaces, business offices, commercial retail and pubs and restaurants globally.

Our projects are tailored to clients interpretation needs and desire through technical and artistic visualization and presentation.

The Bozzini Romeiro Studio is the form that defines the content.

Ogni fotografia è la compiutezza di un racconto, una storia, un’identità unica che innegabilmente, ritrae il vantaggio di rimanere nell’ampia e mutevole memoria collettiva.

Con un’esperienza di oltre 20 anni, lo Studio Bozzini Romeiro, sviluppa progetti fotografici di architettura, interior design e landscape, spaziando nell’ambito degli work space, private housing, commercial retail/bar and restaurant nel mercato globale.

I nostri progetti vengono adeguatamente curati sia dal punto di vista tecnico-interpretativo che degli spazi visivi.

Studio Bozzini Romeiro, la forma che definisce il contenuto.


Antonella Bozzini

Senior Photographer

Antonella Bozzini  (Milan, Italy- January 23, 1967)

She starts her studies in Photography in 1990 at IED- "Istituto Europeo di Design" [European Institute for Design]- Photography Department in Milan, graduating in 1993.

In 1992 she wins the Prize for Journalism "Giovani Artisti Italiani" [Young Italian Artists], organised by the Milan Municipality.

In the 1990s she takes part in the Journalist Order, where she plays the role of Photo-Journalist. In order to document socio-politics events, she travels to America, Africa, Europe and to East.

In 1994 Lanfranco Colombo choices her to be part of his private collection named "Fotografi Italiani" [Italian Photographers], preserved at GAMEC, in Bergamo.

Among the various prizes, there are Modena per la Fotografia (1995), “Biennale Arti Visive”  – Vigonza – Padua (1998),  Tau Visual Qualità Creativa -  category Author reported - Milan (2009), Basi Arte Contemporanea – Site Specific Installation – Acquedotto di Santa Fiora – Tuscany (2012).

2008 is an important year for Antonella, during which she opens her Photo Studio. She starts a new path for her carrier: Photography research is considered a means of exploration and deepening of different forms of architecture in urban space. She pays particular attention to the use of public space and how the different contexts - from architectural, social, historical to cultural - are integrated.

Andréa Romeiro

Studio Manager

Andréa Romeiro  (Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil- October 23, 1964)

She graduates in Law during 1988, in the brazilian University Candido Mendes, Rio de Janeiro. In the same year she moves to Milan.

In 1989 she writes an article with the collaboration of Luciano Monti with the title: “Brasile: panoramica sugli incentivi all'investimento straniero” [Brazil: a general overview on the incentives for the foreign investments] (GAZZETTA VALUTARIA E DEL COMMERCIO INTERNAZIONALE,  vol. 13, pp. 790-793, Ipsoa Editore, ISSN: 1125-9086).

From 1991 to 2000 she is an Export Manager for fashion accessories. She collaborates with Bottonificio Rudianese S.r.l. and B.B. Bottonifico Bergamasco S.r.l.

From 2001 to 2012 she takes up the position of Business Development for Il Sole 24 Ore S.p.a. , CEDAM S.p.A. and Dott. A. Giuffré Editore S.p.a. She is in charge of the handling and distribution of publishing products and services.

From 2013 she is Strategic Consultant for professionals of the graphic, publishing and typographic sectors in Italy and abroad.

From 2017 she is partner of the "Bozzini Romeiro" Photo Studio, for which she curated the photography project Linea nelle Linee - a photographic book on the new architecture of Berlin.

She loves to mention a piece of the song written by Vinìcius de Moraes, "Samba da Benção":

«Life is not a game, friend
Life is the art of the encountering».